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We’re now in 2022 and we have an updated 2022 Strategy which was created in our 2022 Retreat and copied below.

Throughout this retreat, our goals was to build community, share our understanding of YPC’s goals + capacity + strategies, and to create our own timeline based on our strategies. This retreat had 3 of our General Circle members, Deborah, Jada, and me!

To build community, we had a Roundtable Conversation, also known as a Jeffersonian Dinner. We answered personal questions about ourselves, and to be quite honest, it was super interesting! I loved getting to know more about my members.

We then started to focus more on YPC’s aims, sub-aims, and values which are:

Aim: Supporting youth-led collective impact efforts.


  • Advocating for youth decision-making power in all spaces where decisions impacting young people are made
  • Developing leaders who can lead intergenerationally
  • Weaving community so we can all work together
  • Making information accessible so that people have the information they need to fully participate
  • Mobilizing resources so youth-led collective impact efforts can be equitable, sustainable, and impactful

Values: Build in Public, Lead with Love, Embrace Emergence, Own Our Impact, Act on Principle

We started using our sub-aims to develop strategies for the organization. We concluded that we wanted:

  • Organizers to financially thrive in YPC
  • To prioritize membership to keep different circles active
  • YPC organizers to understand each other at a deeper, more meaningful level

Lastly, we used these large goals, and developed timelines to accomplish them within a year. It went super well, and we are still using our strategy to achieve our long-term goals.

The strategies we made throughMiro!

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Title: Strategy for Weaving Community.
Tomorrow: All YPC organizers will have an honest, and trustworthy relationship with one another.


  • Most of our organizers meet only through our circle meetings.
  • Most of our YPC organizers don’t know one another’s personal life.


  • How do we make folks feel comfortable?
  • How do we know to not overstep one’s capacity/boundaries?


  • Continue to have more retreats!
  • Have deeper conversations to build mutual trust!
  • Normalize having one-on-one check-ins with organizers within the circles you’re apart of.
  • Using the fundamentals of sociocracy to continue building transparency and comfortability.
  • Consent, community norms, etc!

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Title: Strategy for Membership


  • We will have enough members to accomplish our goals quickly
  • Being able to remain active (in all circles)



  • Outreach and recruitment can be very time consuming!

  • How can we create materials that draw in potential members

  • Retention/whether partnering orgs are also considering members


  • How do we make folks feel comfortable?

  • How do we know to not overstep one’s capacity/boundaries?

  • Discuss with partners their outreach and recruitment methods

  • Have members consider possible places where youth and potential members would be

  • A social media project/campaign?

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Title: Strategy for Mobilizing Resources / Compensation


  • Organizing with YPC is financially accessible
  • Organizing as a whole is financially accessible


  • Deborah is financially supported but not sustainably
  • Everyone else is volunteer
  • We have no mechanism for paying people at scale
  • We have $225 in recurring monthly donations


  • Super complex labor laws not set up to do what we want: equity, anti-capitalism, meeting people’s differential needs
  • Don’t want lack of resources to be a reason for work NOT to happen. It’s taken us seven years to get to $55,000/year, would work be blocked without reliance on 100% volunteer labor?
  • Compensation requires consistent, reliable funding


  • Start with Jada, Erina, Carline, and me for “pilot”
  • Work with consultant! Needs to have experience with compensation law, will make the law work for us and not the other way around (duh! go back to Ricardo), need to be radical/anti-capitalist
  • With accelerator model, can differentiate between projects and core support
  • Have donation drives to fund roles! Allow only for recurring donations. Person elected to role can play an active role in fundraising.
  • Do financial counseling. Partner with Unbound Narratives on this. Includes budget, healing from trauma, redistribution.

I also updated our Grand Strategy document and it’s now in review by the General Circle! Learn all about it here: YPC Grand Strategy

I’m now closing this specific topic so we can move all our conversations to the new post. :heart: