Check waivers for Launch Party

All young people <18 must have parent/guardian permission to participate in #NYCEDU programs. Here is our process for following this rule.

[*] Add this wording to all registration forms

If you are under 18, have your parent/guardian register for you so they can sign the waiver/permission form that is part of the registration process."

[*] Require all registrants to sign the General Waiver and Media Release form in the online registration process. All registrants, including adult allies, must sign this form.

[*] Double-check after registrations that the waivers were signed correctly

[*] Double-check at event sign-ins that young people <18 have parent/guardians who signed the waiver.

  • Ask if they are under 18, and if they are, ask if they had their parent/guardian register for them online or if they have a physical copy of the waiver
  • If they have a physical copy, take a picture of both sides and use the Add Document feature on Flipcause to upload their waiver
  • If they did not, have them call up their parent/guardian and register them
  • If they cannot get a parent/guardian to sign their waiver, they will unfortunately need to leave the event

[*] Keep this #faq updated
The editable version of our General Waiver and Media Liability form is on Google Drive. Please keep it and updated!

@Carlee123 Here’s the spreadsheet to track waivers.

@Carlee123 I updated the directions with your new and improved email to people who need to fix their waivers! Check it out here.

@Carlee123 I made some edits to the, most specifically needing to create a Youth Leader <18 registration type in the future! Are there any other things to edit?

@Carlee123 Checking in on this again.

Hey @Carlee123, I’m moving this to #done so we can take it off our task list.