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UPDATE September 29, 2020
We have officially moved to!

Change URL to forum from website
Set up automatic redirect from to


What do you think about changing the name of this forum? Right now we use both “#NYCEDU Online” and “Discourse”. However, I’ve been thinking something like “The Hub” would be better because it clearly communicates the purpose of this space — a hub of shared information, resources, and connections for people who want to be involved with and support young people. The idea came from a meeting with HERE to HERE where Joshua got super excited about this and described it as a “hub”.

Directions from Discourse


I think as long as we are clear in the description of the category what we’re anticipating/hoping goes on in the space then I’m down!

Or did I not understand the question?

I meant the title of this forum. Here are some of the places the Title shows up

  1. In your browser tab

  1. In the subject line of any notification emails

Maybe we should just keep it #NYCEDU for now since it’s short?

Changing the name is certainly doable, in a few different ways. Some of the changes can be made from the admin settings:

This would allow us to change the title tag on the home page, the sender info in emails, the sender email address etc.

To change the URL we’d likely need some help from @seanperkins - here is an article I found that describes the process for changing the domain name Is this something you could help implement Sean? If we want to change the URL we should definitely do it before the community is opened up wholesale to more users to avoid confusion or people being routed to deprecated pages.

@deborahchang - what would the ideal new URL be? are you thinking something like or what do we think about keeping the #NYCEDU logo but then naming the space the “The Hub” or whatever else we decide on that way there is still some brand association with #NYCEDU even if the community has it’s own distinct name?

More or

Update: I’ve heard from several people who say “hub” is their preferred choice! If no one objects, I think changing the forum url to is a good enough solution. Thoughts?

Hi @deborahchang - sounds good, and to confirm, do we want to keep the other aspects of the site I mentioned before the same in my earlier screenshot - namely the “Title” of the landing page, the contact email, the notification email etc. Seems like the notification email could maybe be “”? right now it has the word discourse.

As for changing the URL - @seanperkins is this something you can implement for us? Here is an article I found that explains the process - we’d like it to be

@seanperkins, eager to hear about how we might move to!

@bwhitwell, my thoughts on changes are:

  • Title: #NYCEDU Hub
  • Contact Email: Keep as because that’s the “master” email that’s used for any account that we have (from Twitter to Zapier)
  • Notification email: Yes to

@bwhitwell, we have some updates!

@seanperkins found that it’s best if we wait until after the next version of Discourse is released in order to port it to a new URL. So, let’s not worry about it, especially because we’re also working on renaming the entire organization.

UPDATE: Our youth leaders have decided to rename the forum the Youth Power Hub!