Campaign/Resource: Kicked Out in NYC? What to Do Now:

As pride month starts this week, a lot of people in NYC, youth especially, live in abusive households and face the risk of getting kicked out because of their sexual or gender orientation.

As an organization that centers the safety perseverance, survival, and livelihood of our city’s youth, we NEED to create a resource campaign or directory for what to do if someone is kicked out from their residence.

I want to get educative resources from different organizations/mutual aid groups in NYC that we can trust and can work with/sponsor. So we need to find and reach out to these orgs immediately.

We can share these resources and can guide/connect young people who are in these situations to safety. A generalized format that can actually work when followed.

Also heavily focusing on harm-reduction and safety.

Maybe we can even go to pride parade with flyers? Just so people can spread the word, too?

I’m going to start working on this immediately.

Do you already know Youth Alliance for Housing? I think amplifying and resourcing their work is aligned to how we work!