Apply to Student Action Network for Equity Request for Funding (SANE) ($1000-$5000)

I LOVE the way the Student Action Network for Equity formatted their application process! It’s short and sweet and the rubric is entirely understandable. Let’s make sure to apply. Deadline is rolling.

Link to Our Application Google Folder

About the Grant:

The Student Action Network for Equity seeks to support student and intergenerationally led organizations whose mission includes advancing racial justice, education equity and achieving the promise of a multiracial democracy in K-12 schools.

To start the process, organizations can request a phone call with the SANE team and then fill out the following form—or just start by filling out the form. The forms will be reviewed by an intergenerational group of leaders following a rubric which you can find here. After the review, we will set up a call to discuss further, answering your questions and assessing whether your organization’s mission is aligned with ours at the Student Action Network for Equity.

Organizations in alignment with SANE’s mission and goals can expect to receive a contribution of $1,000 or more. A representative of SANE will be in touch to learn more about your organization and work with you to determine the contribution amount.

Organizations that receive funding from the Student Action Network for Equity are eligible to submit another request after six months (assuming funding is still available).

This funding request form is meant to be simple and concise; we expect most applications to be no longer than 500 words total. Our goal is to help you succeed, so if at any point during the request process you find yourself saying “no,” “I’m not sure how to answer this,” or “I don’t know,” please reach out to Lydia Burns at or if you are already on the SANE Slack workspace, message Lydia (@Lydia (she/her).

Background Information we need to consider your Request for Funding

  1. Organization Name:

  2. Please provide at least two names, emails, and titles (if applicable) as points of contact.

  3. Is your organization a 501(c)3 non-profit organization? If not, you need to have a designated fiscal sponsor which has 501(c)3 status. Please attach to your application copies of completed W-9 and EFT forms and IRS 501(c)3 determination letter for your organization or your fiscal sponsor. Additionally, please identity who we should contact should we have any questions regarding your 501c3 status (name, email, title). This information does not count against the 500 word total.

  4. Tell us about your organization’s structure. How are students involved in planning and decision making?

  5. Tell us about your organization’s mission and goals. How is your commitment to racial justice, education equity, or achieving the promise of a multiracial democracy in K-12 schools reflected in your current activities?

We’ve completed our application for the first round of funding! What do you all think? And, General Circle Members, do you consent to submitting the application? @jadarichardson @erinac4163

I just read the application, and it looks great! I really enjoy how you described Youth Power Coalition perfectly by including the different sections of our campaign, narrative organizing, base building, healing justice, and leadership development work. It truly helps to narrate the story and mission of this organization through an intergenerational lens! I consent to the submission of this application.

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I completely agree with Erina. This is a perfect description of YPC. I consent!

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We officially received the SANE funding and put it to great use! Thank you so much to the SANE community. Join this nationwide network by signing up for their Slack team. We are eligible to reapply next semester.