Apply To North Star Fund Grant due March 15, 2021

The North Star Fund is a foundation that gets it. They fund amazing organizations like Integrate NYC! (:

We’re a good fit for what they’re looking for and they are a good fit for our values.

Grant amounts are $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000

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Application Questions and Answers

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Sophie and Julisa have already spoken to Helen on Giving Circles and Deborah has a contact who can give advice as a former NSF staff member.

We did it!

Here’s the news

Congratulations! I’m pleased to inform you that a New York City Organizing Grant of $10,000 has been approved for your organization by North Star Fund’s Community Funding Committee.

So that we can process payment of the grant, can you please clarify if Nyceduorg is your fiscal sponsor, or if Youth Power Coalition is the DBA name of Nyceduorg?


Your organization will be eligible to reapply in fall of 2022. Renewal grant applications will no longer be accepted in the spring application cycle. In order to simplify our deadlines, all current grantees seeking a renewal grant may apply during the fall application cycle only.

In addition to the organizing grant, NSF is providing a COVID-19 Support Grant

In March and May 2020, North Star Fund provided emergency grants to all organizing grantees. Given the ongoing consequences of the pandemic, we want to continue to provide additional support.

This June 2021, North Star Fund will provide a third round of one-time emergency grants to all current organizing grantees in the amount of $10,000. There is no need to submit an application to receive this emergency support. There are no reporting requirements expected of this grant.

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@michael What questions should we ask during the call with North Star Fund?

UPDATE: We received the North Star Fund organizing grant and we celebrated them in our latest email blast. Yay!!! As far as community-centered fundraising goes, North Star Fund definitely leads the pack.