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2023 Renewal Grant Application

The Foundation’s grants are renewable for up to five years. Grantees interested in continued support must submit a renewal request application by April 13, 2023. To submit your renewal request application login to our online portal and select Renewal Application (June 2023 Grant Cycle).

See our 2023 New York Foundation Renewal Google Shared Drive

2022 Grant Application

New York Foundation makes core grants of $45,000, renewable for up to 3 years for established groups and 5 years for emerging organizations. We have three new grant cycles per year, with deadlines on March 1st, July 1st, and November 1st.

  • All applicants will receive a response within 2 weeks after the deadline.
  • A limited number of applications that fit our criteria and priorities will be asked to schedule a site visit with program staff to learn more about the work and submit additional materials. All site visits are currently virtual due to COVID-19.
  • From those selected for site visits, program staff will recommend a limited number of organizations to our Board of Trustees. The Board meets in June for our March 1st deadline, and grantees will be notified after the board meeting. If you are not recommended for a grant, you will receive a small honorarium for the site visit.

Provide a brief description of your request, which should include: (no more than 3 pages)

  1. Mission and history of your organization.
  2. What are your current programs and organizing and/or advocacy goals?
  3. Please briefly describe how your work meets our criteria and priorities. (Link to our criteria/priorities)

Brief Bios of Leadership or Key Staff Members*

List of Board of Directors with any Affiliations*
(or other governing board, e.g. advisory group, etc.)

List of Current Funders
List of Current Funders

Big News: We are a NYF grantee!! We just announced the partnership via our mailing list and are thrilled to be part of the NYF community. They have so many resources and are doing grant-making right (general funds, multi-year, follow-on support such as capacity building grants). :heart:

Amazing work, team.

Reopened to start tracking our work for the 2023 Grant Renewal Application due April 1, 2023!

@saf Let’s track our work, here!