Apply to MetagovDAO

We’re currently collaborating with MetaGov to set up our financial decision-making process! We could resource this work.

MetaGov is

an effort by the distributed research group Metagov to catalyze governance research in participatory, digital communities.

Funding opportunity is

This is a rolling funding opportunity for participants in the Metagov community and other researchers to receive support for their work. We are looking to support projects that:

  • engage in original, creative research on online governance, DAOs, or other topics relevant to Metagov’s mission,
  • enliven the Metagov research community through events, relationship-building, and learning opportunities that share research, and/or
  • produce open-source or open-access research as public goods .

We especially encourage submissions based on collaborations between multiple members of the Metagov community (i.e. find a collaborator in Metagov) and submissions that connect members of the Metagov community with members of Gitcoin and the GitcoinDAO (i.e. collaborators from Gitcoin or GitcoinDAO count too). To join the Metagov community, read this doc.

Grants may be between the equivalent of USD$100 to $10,000; they will be paid in ETH, DAI, or USDC. For research projects, we expect to see a concrete deliverable such as a blog post or a seminar presentation at the end of the grant period that presents the work in an accessible format to both the Metagov community and our partners in Gitcoin.

Full Details: MetagovDAO Call for Proposals: Research + Community – Metagov