Apply to FCYO Youth Power Lab by December 20th

The FCYO Youth Power Program Lab appears to be a great opportunity for #NYCEDU to collaborate with youth organizers across the country.

Launching in 2020, the Youth Power Lab will:

  • Articulate a clear framework for the strategic role of youth organizing in building transformative social movements
  • Develop assessments of the core strengths and growth edges of youth organizing and discuss key interventions that are needed to build greater power
  • Launch shared experiments to test out new approaches to building power across multiple geographies, issues, and constituencies

The Youth Power Lab will be made up of three distinct parts:

  1. Part One will consist of a series of virtual sessions and shared study to establish a common theoretical and analytical foundation
  2. Part Two will be an in-person gathering that will take place May 14th -17th, 2020 in Miami, FL. The in-person gathering will be an opportunity for participants to deepen relationships with one another and address critical questions related to strategy, infrastructure, and cultural dynamics of our movements. All groups accepted into the Lab are expected to fully participate in Parts One and Two
  3. Following the in-person gathering, groups will have the option to opt-in to Part Three - which will consist of designing and launching shared experiments to test out new approaches to organizing and movement building

I’ve decided to explore this some more and potentially apply! See more: