Apply to 2021 4.0 Pathways Program

The 4.0 Pathways Program seems perfect for us

The Pathways Program takes you from a ready-to-grow proof point to helping you establish an operational model that is an investment-ready, non-profit entity on a path to scaling. You’ll create some foundational organizational assets, have access to a professional design consultant, and receive 1:1 expert coaching to push your thinking on the strengths and opportunities of your plans as you climb the steep learning curves part and parcel to launching successful early-stage organizations. By the end of the Pathways pilot in December, you will have the chance to connect with prospective, individual funders looking to commit time, energy, and funding to early stage ventures making a difference across their communities.

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Our Application

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Update: I’ve submitted our application and we’re now waiting on 4.0 Schools’s decision. They will announce selections on June 20th.

We’ve been accepted! :tada:

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